No 5 on Hudson | Brandon Borgelt
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Brandon Borgelt

Brandon grew up in Johannesburg and always had a very keen interest in animals, collecting all kinds of weird and wonderful pets, from snakes to goats to monkeys. At the age of fifteen he moved to Durban where he worked part-time at the Dolphinarium and Snake Park.

School was little more than an irritation that delayed him from getting on with what he wanted to do. After school he spent two years in the army and then joined the snake park again. During this time he did a ‘sit-in’ with 6 rattle snakes, as a promotion for the park. Six months later, restless and full of wanderlust, he took off for the bush where he was involved in a curio venture, game ranging at several private reserves, filming documentaries on lions and hyenas in Botswana and Namibia for National Geographic and the BBC, and eventually wound up managing the crocodile farm at Sun City for twelve years.

With his very fertile imagination and creative yearnings bubbling to the surface, Brandon started ‘messing around’ with some clay, and shortly thereafter Fool Bull (Native American lifesize bust) was borne. His passion to create was ignited once again and from that point it was all systems ‘go’ – In 2016 he started to pursue his passion full time.

While he is an avid photographer, Brandon has changed direction over the past few years. He has been increasingly inspired to sculpt and finds that the creative process is both challenging and therapeutic – a masterful teacher in many ways. Experimenting with different, styles, finishes and patinas he realized that he is able to work in a very versatile way choosing not to define himself by one particular style or subject but rather to expand his creativity in any and every direction he feels led.

Around the age of 7, He came across a bronze Native American holding up a buffalo skull in prayer for his starving race (A Tienie Prichard piece). Remembering being totally mesmerized by the piece and scrutinizing every inch of it.

Like many artists, Brandon is also fascinated by the human form, particularly the female form. This is a subject that he will continue to explore, render and depict in various styles striving to capture that beauty in his bronzes.




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